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Third Party Events

Make BBBSG your organization's charity of choice!

Thank You

Does your business or organization hold its own fundraising activities?

If so, why not consider making Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph your group's charity of choice? Third Party Fundraisers in support of BBBSG are a great way for your organization to align itself with a reputable, local charity, while engaging in exciting and creative team-building activities with your staff. BBBSG is the proud recipient of proceeds from a number of local charitable events in Guelph and the surrounding communities, and we'd be thrilled to partner with you!

Contact today to share your fundraising ideas and support our invaluable youth mentorship programs in Guelph and the surrounding area. You can also organize your BBBSG fundraiser online by registering your event via our CanadaHelps page.

Start Something Big by supporting BBBSG today!