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Bank Buddies Mentoring Initiative


Project Description

The Bank Buddies Program is part of the In-School Mentoring initiatives. Children (aged 6-17) are provided with the opportunity to be mentored in a one-to-one relationship by a local bank/financial institution employee, with a dedicated focus on developing the child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, mathematical literacy and financial awareness. Mentoring takes place semesterly (September-December & January-April) in local schools during the child’s day through mutually beneficial and enjoyable math-based activities.

Why is Bank Buddies So Important?

Canada has struggled over the recent years to overcome a decline in math literacy in the past decade. Standardized tests in math have brought surprisingly poor showings, yet our society increasingly requires individuals to have a working knowledge of basic economics and familiarity with numeracy. Bank Buddies strives to reverse this downward trend, educating local youth about the importance of financial awareness, while doing so in a fun and engaging environment.

How Can YOU Help?

The Bank Buddies is generously sponsored in part by the Actuarial Foundation of Canada.

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Beyond financial support, we're also looking for active participation. If you are an employee of a financial institution (bank, credit union, investment organization, etc), you are keenly aware of the importance that mathematics plays on our daily lives. We’re looking to YOU to provide some of that wisdom and numerical expertise on to our local youth, particularly those who are at-risk or struggling to comprehend fundamental principles of mathematics.

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This mentoring initiative, while math-based, is most importantly expected to be fun. We want children to adopt a renowned interest in numeracy and mathematics and with the help of people like you, we can make a difference in the lives of our next generation of leaders.