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Co-operative In-School Mentoring


Our Co-operative In-School Mentoring Program was launched in September 2014. BBBSG received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to start this program. In partnership with the Upper Grand District School Board and the Wellington Catholic District School Board, BBBSG matches high school students completing a cooperative school placement with 8 mentees that they mentor throughout a high school term.

Each high school student is placed at a partnering elementary school for the morning or afternoon and he/she mentors two children each day. This program is aimed at students who are interested in social work or teaching as a career option, and gives them a practical experience while earning two high school credits. Because this is a school-based program, all of the meetings between mentee and mentor take place on school property and during school hours. School liaisons provide on-site supervision to the co-op students and BBBSG provides training and match monitoring throughout the semester.

The goal of each match is to create a healthy friendship between the mentor and mentee. The high school students are given the opportunity to provide guidance, support, and encouragement through genuine connections with their mentees. They also learn valuable employable skills for their futures and learn about the importance of giving back to their community.

Program Objectives:

  • Build trust and friendship
  • Motivate children physically, intellectually, and socially
  • Help children develop a positive self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence
  • Keep children interested in school