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We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

BBBSG News for November 2014

Top News of the Month

BBBSG Match Completes BIG Drawing Project

Earlier this spring, Big Brothers Big Sisters was approached about a unique partnership opportunity that required theWho Needs Little Brothers - poster_Layout 1 help of a very special “big” and “little” with an interest in art and an appreciation for the importance of brothers in one’s life. Lisa Browning, a local publisher and the owner of One Thousand Trees, had teamed up with author Brenda Cassidy to develop a brand new children’s book, Who Needs Little Brothers Anyway? The story was written, but they needed an illustration team.

Browning reached out to BBBSG, hoping that we could point her in the right direction to find a match. Scott and Ruai immediately came to mind. Having been matched for a year and a half, Scott and Ruai have developed the kind of friendship that all of our matches can aspire to achieve – a friendship that focuses on

respect, hard work and an appreciation for one another. That they were both interested in drawing only made the partnership more obvious.

After months of hard work, using their weekly outings as opportunities to bond over the drawings, Scott and Ruai successfully penned 19 full colour drawings. The results are spectacular and have now been incorporated alongside the story text to produce a true work of greatness.

Page 12"I was so thrilled when I saw the illustrations,” said Cassidy. “Everything that I had described when writing the book was now on paper just as I had pictured it in my mind. I am very proud to have had such a special contribution from a very special team."

Browning echoes that sentiment. “I am so excited about the launch of this book! It was wonderful to team up with Scott and Ruai, and the partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters has made this project a delight from start to finish.”

Scott and Ruai’s hard work demonstrates the importance of brothers in one’s life. They have supported one another throughout the last six months and we’re so proud of the results. Who Needs Little Brothers Anyway? will be released in December 2014, and made available for sale via BBBSG and www.ottbookstore.com. Fifty per cent of all net proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph, and to order your copy, or learn more about Scott and Ruai’s project, please contact us today.

Browning and Cassidy are now looking for a similar female match to complete drawings for their next publication, Who Needs Little Sisters Anyway? If you are a Big Sister/Little Sister match looking for a rewarding opportunity, please let us know.

Environ-Mentoring Wraps Up its First Season

The Environ-Mentoring Program is off to a great start! The first Season of this brand-new initiative, an extension of our Big Environmentoring LogoBunch Group Program, will conclude with Guelph Lake’s Best Dam Tour on Saturday, November 29.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph is pleased to report the positive response from the Bigs and Littles who have attended thus far! Once the season is complete, we will be putting together a full analysis of the program’s successes.

We are also thrilled to announce that sufficient funding has been received to run another Season of Environ-Mentoring, starting in January 2015, and presented by Agrium, Inc. We are looking forward to getting out in the snow and enjoying the outdoors! See you there!

Garage & Dynamite Stores Generously Support BBBSG

It doesn't need to be December for local businesses to get into the giving spirit! Garage and Dynamite, two popular young women's clothing stores, have recently developed a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across Canada and the positive results have been enjoyed right here in the Guelph community.dynamite

Local retailers donated many bags of their summer clothing to our agency in late October to be made available to the kids and families in our programs. BBBSG staff and students tirelessly sorted through no less than a dozen extra-large bags of quality clothing for girls and young women, organizing clothes by size and style to provide our families with an opportunity to "shop" at our office. A nominal donation was suggested for items and families were happy to give back to the agency in exchange for some brand new styles for their girls.

We want to extend a special thank-you to the Garage and Dynamite stores at the Stone Road Mall in Guelph, as well as the Garage outlet store in Cambridge for making such a sizable donation to our agency.

We still have many clothes available until Friday, Dec. 5th. If you know of a young lady who could benefit from some of this clothing, please contact us today.

Alok is our Mentor of the Month

Alok JosephAlok Joseph has been matched to his mentee for about 2 years. They play lots of sports and board games together.

Alok has demonstrated incredible commitment to his mentee over the years - this is their third school year together and he has returned to the same student year after year. Furthermore, when Alok's mentee moved to a different school, Alok was able to follow him and continue the match at the new school. Alok's favourite part of his match is playing sports in the gym with his mentee. It's a great way for them to connect, and stay active and healthy together.

Thanks, Alok, for being such an awesome mentor. Your mentee is lucky to have you in his life! Your dedication and commitment have been amazing!

BBBSG is Moving Downtown

After many years in our Suffolk St. offices, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph is pleased to announce that we'll be Photo 1moving on Dec. 15th, 2014. Our new offices will be located at 285 Woolwich St. just north of downtown Guelph in a building we'll be sharing with the great team at Letter M Marketing.

The folks at Letter M have been so accommodating in helping us meet our spatial needs and we're excited to embark on a great partnership with their staff, led by owners Cathy and Doug MacMillan. The new space will provide BBBSG moving truckwith improved visibility in a downtown location, as we hope to continue to develop our brand and offer programs in an accessible location that meets the demands of our community.

We've had an amazing run with many memories at 155 Suffolk St., and we know many of our partners have come through these doors. We're looking forward to building new relationships, maintaining existing partnerships and sharing our agency with the amazing people in this community. Give us a couple of days to get settled and then feel free to drop in and check out our new digs. We know you'll be impressed!

Congratulations to New Parents!

A very special note of congratulations goes out from the staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph to our long-time Bigstork-twin-boys Sister Rebecca Thompson and her husband Chris Perlman, who welcomed the birth of twin boys on October 15th, 2014.  Nathaniel weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and his brother Joshua wasn't far behind at 5 pounds, 1 ounce.

Congratulations to the happy family - we know Rebecca and Chris are now probably very busy!

From "Garden 2 Table" BBBSG Kids Learn About the Food Preparation Process

On Saturday, November 15, a group of Bigs (or parents) and Littles had fun at Garden2Table at PJ’s Restaurant at the University of Guelph. They got to see the inside of a commercial kitchen and prepare lunch for themselves!

They toured the kitchen, learned about proper hand washing and safe knife skills, and then got busy cooking: rosemary focaccia bread, vegetable lasagne, broccoli salad with homemade dressing, and black bean brownies! Both adults and children were able to try some new food preparation skills.PJ's

New Matches & Match Anniversaries

New Matches for November 2014

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph, we love facilitating new matches and providing a local child with the opportunity to gain life-changing mentoring from our incredible "Big" volunteers. Through our One-to-One Program and our In-School Mentoring Program, we've successfully matched many new kids in the past month and we can't wait to see the results!

New One-to-One Matches
Nick & Bryce

New In-School Mentoring Matches
Heather - William & Katelyn
Andrew & Tommy
Luisa & Bailey
Jennifer & Chloe
Elena & Hailey
Samantha & Gabriel
Rhys & Nick
Ana & Dominic
Adrian & Matthew
Stephanie & Tagen

Match Anniversaries for November 2014

There is something so rewarding about watching a "Big" and "Little" grow together over the years. At BBBSG, we're all about facilitating life-long friendships through our various mentoring programs. We love to celebrate our match anniversaries and reflect on how far some of these kids have come over the past years. Thank you so much for your commitment to this agency and the children we serve.

One-to-One/Couples for Kids Match Anniversaries
Karen & Alannah - 9 years
Mike & William - 7 years
Jennifer & Colbey - 5 years
Luke/Emma & Sebastian - 3 years
Kyle & Kyle - 2 years
David & Tyler - 1 year

ISM Match Anniversaries
Amanda & Maddison - 2 years


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